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domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2021

Ol' Dirty Bastard - The Definitive Ol' Dirty Bastard Story


01. Brooklyn Zoo
02. Shimmy Shimmy Ya
03. Got Your Money (feat. Kelis)
04. Recognize
05. Proteck Ya Neck II The Zoo (w/ Lord Buddah Monk, Prodigal Sun, Zoo Keeper, Murdoc, Killer Priest, 12 O’Clock, Shorty Shit Stain)
06. Rollin’ Wit You
07. Cold Blooded
08. Nigga Please
09. Good Morning Heartache (feat. Lil’ Mo)
10. All In Together Now
11. I Can’t Wait
12. Brooklyn Zoo (Clean LP Version)
13. Give It To Ya Raw
14. Raw Hide
15. Mariah Carey – Fantasy (Remix) (feat. O.D.B.)
16. Pras Michel – Ghetto Superstar (That Is What You Are) (feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard & introducing Mya)

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