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segunda-feira, 27 de abril de 2020


link para baixar na descrição  do vídeo no canal do you tube

01-David McCallum - The Edge.mp3
02-De bem com a vida extended mix.mp3
03-De Bem Com A Vida Rádio Mix.mp3
04-Derrick Washington Sexy Lady.mp3
05-Dipping into the past, Live With the Candy Licker - Mr  Marvin Sease.mp3
06-DJ Raffa E Os Magrellos   O sonho da minha rainha.mp3
07-Dom Beto - Pensando Nela.mp3
08-Donnie Ray - A Secret Is So hard To Keep.mp3
09-Donnie Ray - Can I Talk To You.mp3
10-Donnie Ray - Don't Wanna Be Lonely.mp3
11-Don't Get Mad Get Even - Jimmy Lewis.mp3
12-Dudu França - Eu e Ela.mp3
13-Dynamic Soul - Funk and Soul.mp3
14-Earth Wind Fire - Devotion.mp3
15-Edy Star - Briguei com ela.mp3
15-Edy Star - Briguei com ela.mp3
17-Floyd Taylor - Baby, I've Changed.mp3
18-Frankie Smith - Double Dutch Bus (feat. His Daughter Indy).mp3
19-Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns Featuring Maceo Parker - Four Play (feat. Maceo Parker).mp3
20-Freddy Robinson - River's Invitation.mp3
21-Gang Do Tagarela - Melô do Tagarela instrumental.mp3
22-George Benson - Turn Your Love Around.mp3
23-George Clinton - Atomic Dog (Original Extended Version).mp3
24-Gerson King Combo - Funk Brother Soul.mp3
25-Gerson King Combo - Jingle Black.mp3
26-Good Love the Remix.mp3
27-If I Back It Up - Nellie Tiger Travis.mp3
28-In  Memoriam To James Brown God Father Of Soul - Lost Someone Live At The Apollo Theater, 
30-Isaac Hayes (Black Moses) - I Stand Accused.mp3
31-Isley Brother - It's Too Late  ( feat.  Ronald Isley).mp3
32-Isley Brothers - Contagious (feat.  Ronald Isley aka Mr  Bigg & R Kelly) [Explicit!].mp3
33-Kool and the Gang - Too Hot.mp3
34 -Kool and Together - Sittin' on a Red Hot Stove.mp3
35-Kut Close - I Like - A  Dip Into The Past.mp3
36-L .T. D (feat. Jeffery Osborne) - Love Ballad.mp3
37-La Keisha - Baby Don't Go.mp3
38-La Keisha - Just Another Love Song (feat.  Sir Charles Jones).mp3
39-La' Keisha - What You Won't Do.mp3
40-Lalo Schifrin - Quiet Village.mp3


01-The Company Soul.mp3 - Grand Master Ney_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
02-Vanessa Williams - Work To Do (Funkymix)_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
03- There's A Riot Jumpin' Off.mp3 - Uzi Bros_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
04- Special Ed - Neva Go Back_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
05-Barry White & Chris Rock - Basketball Jones_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
06- Grandmaster Flash - All Wrapped Up_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
07-Mtume - Bigger's Theme _Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
08-Average White Band - Pick Up The Pieces_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
09-Sugar Hill (Instrumental)_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
10-Big Shizz Ft Cosmo - When The Beat Goes On_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
11-Bigg Robb - Turn It Up More Bounce to the Ounce (Medley)_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
12-Ice T with War - Heartbeat (Long Remix)_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
13-Buzz Saw (Remastered)_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
14-Caro Emerald - Riviera Life_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
15-De La Soul - Potholes in My Lawn_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
16-Dj Jazzy Jeff & the fresh Prince  A Nightmare on my Street_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
17-Emanon - I Cam Back To Party_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
18-George Clinton Cool Joe_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
19-Get Up To Get Down-Brass Construction_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
20-Grand Master Ney - It`s My Beat_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
21-Average White Band - Person to Person_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
22-Klientele (Radio-Video Edit)_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
23-Lean on Me (remix)_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
24-Mc Kooley C & DJ KJ - Big D (Remix Version)_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
25-Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait (American Mix)_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
26-The Boomin' System (The Underground mix)_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
27-Why Am I Wating - Too Turf_Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3

quinta-feira, 23 de abril de 2020

Dj Cuca Especial Remaster-vol 02

01- Dj Cuca - Good Love_@!Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
02- Dj Cuca - Lets Dance_@!Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
03- Dj Cuca - Aint Nothing Wrong_@!Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
04- Dj Cuca - Same Beat 91_@!Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
05-Dj Cuca - Beat Destroyers_@!Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
06-Dj Cuca - Jogador De Bola_@!Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
07-Dj Cuca  - Melo Da Jura _@!Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
08-Dj Cuca - Melo Da Putaria_@!Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
09-Dj Cuca - Peace_@!Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
10-Dj Cuca -  Racional Beat_@!Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
11-Dj Cuca - ragga medley 1_@!Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
12-Dj Cuca -Sex Black machine_@!Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3
13-DJ Cuca Raggae Melody I_@!Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3

Dj.cuca Dj Cuca - Peace_@!Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3.mp4

Dj.Cuca 03- Dj Cuca - Aint Nothing Wrong_@!Mastering_RMS_Master.mp3.mp4

Dj Cuca Especial Remaster-vol 02

Dj Cuca Especial Remaster-vol 01

01-Dj. Cuca In The Place-Hit Me_Beats Cuca_Master.mp3
02-Dj.Cuca In The Place-This Beat_Beats Cuca_Master.mp3
03-Dj. Cuca In The Place-Got The Funk_Beats Cuca_Master.mp3
04-Dj.Louder Tham Words (Dj Cuca)_Beats Cuca_Master.mp3
05-Dj Cuca - Bust This_Beats Cuca_Master.mp3
06-Dj Cuca - Doctor Beat_Beats Cuca_Master.mp3
07-Dj Cuca - I never flow_Beats Cuca_Master.mp3
08-Dj Cuca - Soul in the city (Remix )_Beats Cuca_Master.mp3
09-Dj Cuca-Check My Mix (Check My Machine)_Beats Cuca_Master.mp3
10-DJ.Cuca - DJ Cuca In The Place_Beats Cuca_Master.mp3
11-Dj.Cuca-Party Time-instrumental_Beats Cuca_Master.mp3
12-Dj.Toddy Tee - This Beat Be Smooth (DJ Cuca Remix) _Beats Cuca_Master.mp3

DJ - CUCA ESPECIAL..-Dj. Cuca In The Place-Got The Funk_Beats Cuca_Mast...

DJ - CUCA ESPECIAL In The Place-This Beat_Beats Cuca_Master.mp4

Dj Cuca Especial Remaster-vol 01

BLACK DAS ANTIGAS -Papa Dee - New York


terça-feira, 21 de abril de 2020


Old School Music - SET MIX DE BALANÇOS DAS ANTIGAS ANOS 90 AS MUSICAS QUE AGITARAM OS BAILES BAILES BLACK DE SP UM VÍDEOS COM AS MELHORES MÚSICAS ANTIGAS QUE FIZERAM SUCESSOS SET LIST ABAIXO PLAYLIST 01-DJ CHUCK 02-L.YRICS I.N E. FFECT L.I.E POSSE 03-Raw Fusion 04-Numark 05-CHANNEL LINE 06-HEAVY D AND BOYZ 07-Dj KooL 08-EPEE MD 09-Gangster Mad 10-DOWNTOWN SCIENCE Melodias ,Samba-Rock,Melodias,Funk Original Music,Black,Balanços, Rap Nacional Das Antigas,Charme,Soul,Disco,Flash house ,Retro,e Muito Mais... Flash back total Nacional & Internacional https://flashbackdemilianos.blogspot....

BLACK DAS ANTIGAS -James brown - blind man can see it (extended)

quinta-feira, 16 de abril de 2020


01- And the Beat Goes On .mp3 - The Whispers.mp3
02- Yeah Yeah Yeah.mp3 -União Black.mp3
03-Haboglabotribin' .mp3 - Bernard Wright.mp3
04- Beau Dollar - Who Knows .mp3
04 Lakeside - Fantastic Voyage .mp3
05- Don´t Stop the Music - Bits 7 Places.mp3
06-Tony Terry - Lovey Dovey.mp3
07- And the Beat Goes On.mp3 - The Whispers.mp3
08- Don't Take Your Love-Lydia Lee Love.mp3
09-Sybil - Don't Make Me Over (12'' Mix).mp3
10- Soul II Soul - Fairplay.mp3
11- Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots.mp3
12- Papa Don't Take No Mess-James Brown.mp3
13 You're the One for Me.mp3 - D-Train.mp3
14- Imagination - Just an Illusion (12_ mix).mp3
15 Keep On Loving Me -The Whispers.mp3
16- Timex Social Club - Rumors.mp3
17-Tomorrow's Children - Sister Big Stuff dj som da massa.mp3
18 High Steppin' Hip Dressin' Fella.mp3 - Love Unlimited.mp3
19 Show Me (The Nest Mix).mp3 - The Cover Girls.mp3
20- Twenty Four -Seven Vocal Version.mp3
21 You and I.mp3 - Rick James.mp3
22-Sister Sledge - We Are Family.mp3
23- All American Girls .mp3 - Sister Sledge.mp3
24 - George Clinton - Atomic Dog.mp3
25-Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait .MP3
26 - Kicking Back - Devotion.mp3
27 Funky Melody (12_ dance mix) -Stevie B.mp3
28-Jazzi And Neat - Ouch Me, Baby .mp3
29- Samuel - Open Your Eyes.mp3
30-The Emotions - Best of My Love.mp3
31- Curtis Mayfield - Give Me Your Love.mp3
32-The Jackson 5 - I Want You Back.mp3
33-Jimmy Bo Horne - Dance Across the Floor.mp3
34 Atomic Dog.mp3 - George Clinton.mp3
35 If You Still Love Me (12_ mix) .mp3 - Stevie B.mp3
36 In My Eyes .mp3 - Stevie B.mp3
37- Kid 'n Play - Rollin' With Kid 'n Play.mp3
38 Nights (Feel Like Getting Down) .mp3 - Billy Ocean.mp3
40 No Parking (On the dance Floor) .mp3 - Midnight Star.mp3
41-I Just Want to Be.mp3 - Cameo.mp3
42- Noel - Silent Morning.mp3
43- Kool & The Gang - Celebration.mp3
44-- Funk It Up - Houseband.mp3
45- A Little Bit of Ecstasy (Freefloor mix).mp3 - Jocelyn Enriquez.mp3
46- Run-D.M.C. - It's Tricky.mp3
47- KC and the Sunshine Band - I'm Your Boogie Man.mp3
48- I'll Be Good.mp3 - René & Angela.mp3
49- Stevie B - Because I Love You.mp3
50- Cissy Strut.mp3 - The Meters.mp3
51-Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me.mp3
52-Dj Hum e o Expresso do Groove - Vem Pro Baile.mp3
53- DeBarge - All This Love .mp3
54- I Like It.mp3 - DeBarge.mp3
55- Double Dutch Bus.mp3 - Frankie Smith.mp3
56- Lovelite.mp3 - O'Bryan.mp3
57- When I Hear Music.mp3 - Debbie Deb.mp3
58 Electric Avenue.mp3 - Eddy Grant.mp3
59-McFadden & Whitehead - Ain't No Stopping Us Now.mp3
60-Russian Radio (Glasnost club mix).mp3 - Red Flag.mp3
61 Yes Yes Y'all.mp3 - MC Shy D.mp3
62- Lydia Lee Love - Don't Take Your Love Away.mp3
63- Kurtis Blow - The Breaks .mp3
64-The Brand New Heavies - Dream Come True.mp3
65- Impeach President.mp3
66-It's a Love Thing.mp3 - The Whispers.mp3
67- I've Just Begun to Love You.mp3 - Dynasty.mp3
68- James Brown - Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine.mp3
69- Love Attack.mp3  - Isaac Hayes.mp3
70-Love's Comin' at Ya.mp3 - Melba Moore.mp3
71- Lyn Collins - Think (About It) .mp3
72 Midnight Operator .mp3
73-Stage IV - Real Love (Miami Bass Mix) .mp3
74-Stevie B - Dreaming of Love.mp3
75-Lil Suzy - Take Me In Your Arms (Club Version).mp3
76-The Jacksons - Blame It on the Boogie.mp3
77- Thigh Ride.mp3 - Tawatha Agee.mp3
78- not for sale only for exchange for another vinyl.mp3
79- Soul In Carolian.mp3 - Beau Dollar.mp3
80- Super Freak - Rick James.mp3
81- Tie me Up - M.Tume.mp3
82- Michael Jackson - Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough.mp3
83-Soul II Soul - Back to Life (However Do You Want Me).mp3
84- Prince - I Wanna Be Your Lover.mp3
85-The Gap Band - You Dropped a Bomb on Me.mp3
86-Shirley Bassey - Light My Fire.mp3
87- Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out (original Chic mix).mp3
88-Teena Marie - Behind the Groove.mp3
89-Jocelyn Brown - Somebody Else's Guy.mp3
90 - Dreaming - Will to Power(Super Extended).mp3
91- Babyface - It's No Crime.mp3
92- Dj Cuca - I Need Do It Again.mp3
93- Era - War.mp3
94- Joycelyn Enriquez - Do You Miss Me (Freefloor mix).mp3
95-Busta Jones You keep on making me hot.mp3
96- BHY - We Funk the Best (original Full album version).mp3
97-Mc A.D.E. - My Bass In It.mp3
98- Polo's In Effect-Polo Crew.mp3
99- Stevie B - Party Your Body.mp3