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domingo, 31 de maio de 2020

Black Melody old school - Gavin Christopher-You Are Who You Love

Black Melody old school -The Gabiz - Shookie Shookie (Gimme Some Of You ...

Black Melody old school - Richard Rogers - Crazy In Love

Black Melody old school Vol 03 Mp3

01-R. Kelly - Religious Love.mp3
02- B.Force -  Baby.mp3
03- Gladys Knight & The Pips - Yes I'm ready.mp3
04-Gavin Christopher-You Are Who You Love.mp3
05- Hanson & Davis - Hold On To Yesterday (12'').mp3
06- Lillo Thomas - I Wanna Make Love_2.mp3
07-The Gabiz - Shookie Shookie (Gimme Some Of You Sweet Cookie).mp3
08- Borwn Boy - Come Back To Me.mp3
09-Rick James with Teena Marie - Fire and Desire.mp3
10 - Gerald Alston - Slow Motion.mp3
11 - S.O.S Band - I Don't Want Nobody Else.mp3
12 - Sade - Lovers Rock.mp3
13 - Richard Rogers - Crazy In Love.mp3
14-Cool'r - Love Me All My Life.mp3
15-Paul Laurence - She's Gone.mp3
16-By All Means - I'd Rather Be Lonely.mp3
17-Monet - Leave the Lights On.mp3


Black Melody old school - Anne Lesear - Take Im Back (Taxi)

Black Melody old school - Let's Straighten It Out - Latimore.mp3

Black Melody old school - Preluders - Caravan Of Love

Black Melody old school 02 Mp3

01- Happy Being Lonely.mp3 - The Chi-Lites.mp3
02-Anne Lesear - Take Im Back (Taxi).mp3
03-  R.P.M - Os One.mp3
04-Let's Straighten It Out.mp3 - Latimore.mp3
05-Ace Juice & Laurence Bend - I Want To Be Free.mp3
06-Carl Rogers - Tonite Tonite.mp3
07-Bobby Womack _ Facts Of Life.mp3
08- Bar Kays - Attitudes.mp3
09- Preluders - Caravan Of Love.mp3
10- Queen - Cool Cat.mp3
11- The Notations - Make Believin'.MP3
12-S.W.V - Use Your Heart.mp3
13- Borwn Boy - Come Back To Me.mp3
14-Euge Groove - I Love You More Than You'll.mp3
15 - Usher-Superstar.mp3
16 - B.T.S. - Next To You.mp3
17-Selena - I Could Fall In Love .mp3


Have I Never - A Few Good Men.mp3

All My Life (K-Ci & JoJo)

Makin Me Say Goodbye - K-Ci & JoJo.mp3

Somethin' for the People feat. Trina & Tamara - My Love Is the Shhh!

Thinkin' & Trippin' - Sam Salter.mp3

Keith Sweat - Nobody (feat. Athena Cage)

Keith Sweat feat. Roger Troutman - Put Your Lovin' Through the Test

Thin Line Between Love and Hate - G.A.T.mp3

Adriana Evans - Looking For Your Love

Melvin Riley - Whose is It_ (chocolate mix)

sábado, 30 de maio de 2020

Black Melody old school 01

01 - C.J. Lewis – secret lover.mp3
02- Anquette - I'll Always Be There for You.mp3
03 Put Yourself in My Place (Dan's Quiet Storm club mix).mp3
04-Immature - Where Do We Go.mp3
05-Have I Never.mp3 - A Few Good Men.mp3
06- All My Life (K-Ci & JoJo).mp3
07- Makin Me Say Goodbye.mp3 - K-Ci & JoJo.mp3
08-Somethin' for the People feat. Trina & Tamara - My Love Is the Shhh!.mp3
09- Thinkin' & Trippin'.mp3 - Sam Salter.mp3
10- Keith Sweat - Nobody (feat. Athena Cage).mp3
11- Keith Sweat feat. Roger Troutman - Put Your Lovin' Through the Test.mp3
12- Thin Line Between Love and Hate.mp3 - G.A.T.mp3
13-Adriana Evans - Looking For Your Love.mp3
14- Melvin Riley - Whose is It_ (chocolate mix).mp3

Especial Flash Total Hip hop old school....

01-Candyman - Candyman Do Me Right.mp3
02-Capital Tax - I Can't Believe It.mp3
03-C-BO - Birds In The Kitchen (Radio).mp3
04-Cella Dwellas - Land Of The Lost.mp3
05-Chubb Rock - The Big Man -Remix.mp3
06-Clever Jeff - Year Of The Fly MC .mp3
07-College Boyz - Rollin'.mp3
08-Compton's Most Wanted - One Time Gaffled 'Em Up.mp3
09-Contardi - Sobrevivente.mp3
10-Cover - Underground Flow (Remix).mp3
11-Criminal Nation - Excuse Me Mr. Officer (Fed Up) .mp3
12-Cro Magnum - Struttin' My Stuff.mp3
13-Crusaders for Real Hip-Hop - That's How It Is.mp3
14-D 2 Tha S - Doomsday .mp3
15-Da Bush Babees - Remember We (Remix) .mp3
16-Da Bush Babees, Mos Def - The Love Song.mp3
17-Da Lench Mob - Freedom Got An A.K .mp3
18-Dana Dane - Record Jock.mp3
19-Dana Dane - Rollin' wit Dane.mp3
20-Das EFX, Mobb Deep - Microphone Masters (Sewa- 41st Side Remix).mp3
21-DJ S&S ft. B.B.O. - Beat Of The Day (Throw Ya Hands Up).mp3
22-Doc Ice & R.O.S. - I Keep Forgettin' .mp3
23-Doctor Dré & Ed Lover - For The Love Of You .mp3
24-Domino - Long Beach Thang.mp3
25-Dredknotz - The Anthem bw Causin' A Menace.mp3
26-D-Shot feat. E-40 & Mac Shawn - Call Me On The Unda .mp3
27-E.T.'z - Ray Came True .mp3
28-E-Dawg - Drop Top (feat. Filthy Rich).mp3
29-EPMD - Hardcore.mp3
30-Frankenstein ft. Choclair - So I... .mp3
31-Funkdoobiest - Bow Wow Wow.mp3
32-Funkdoobiest - Dedicated.mp3
33-Funkdoobiest - Wopbabalubop.mp3
34-Gang Starr - Work.mp3
35-Gang Starr - You Know My Steez.mp3
36-Geto Boys - Geto Fantasy.mp3
37-Ghetto Mafia - Straight From The DEC.mp3
38-Ghostface Killah - Motherless Child.mp3


quarta-feira, 27 de maio de 2020


01- Pepeu (Remix).mp3
02 - Geração Rap - Cuidado   .mp3
02- Doctors Mc's - Doctors Mc's - Tik tak.mp3
03- RagaluQ  - Quando Fico Bem Longe.mp3
04 - Mister - Melo da Chic.mp3
05- Isto Não é Justo (Remix).mp3
06- Pepeu - Pepeu - Nomes de meninas (Rare Version).mp3
07- Potencial 3 - Potencial 3 - Mano de fé.mp3
08-Potencial 3 - Potencial 3 - Carrapato.mp3
09-A Fuga   Xis.mp3
10-De Menos Crime  - Só Quem é Louco.mp3
11-DMN - H.Aço.mp3
12-Doctor Mc's - Garota Sem Vergonha.mp3
13-Duck Jam   Colarinho Branco.mp3
14-Duck Jam e Nação Hip Hop - Colarinho Branco.mp3
15-Elementos da Terra - Part Marko Kaya( Estilo Ragga).mp3
16-Mc Mattar - Mattar Matou.mp3

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MINHA DISCOTECA POP ANOS 80&90 / 48 Track em MP3 retro dance...

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terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2020

O Som Dos Bailes A Hora Das Melodias 03

01-Beige - What You Thought Dissatisfaction & Reflection.mp3
02-Sean Levert - Tasty love.mp3
03-White Head Bros - Sex on the beach.mp3
04-Men At large - Funny felling.mp3
05-Monteco - Never eding love.mp3
06 - Studio Allstars - Im A Flirt - (Tribute to (R Kelly feat T Pain).mp3
07- Ginuwine - Differences.mp3
08-After 7 - Sara Smile (Radio Edit).mp3
09-Ben E. King - Everyday.mp3
10-Betty Wrigh - The Sun Don`t Shine.mp3
11-Betty Wright - In Time You`ll See.mp3
12-Betty Wright - Make Me Love The Rain.mp3
13-Beverly & Duane - I Wanna Be With You.mp3
14-Bill  ‎– I Feel Good With You.mp3
15-Bill Brandon ‎– Special Occasion.mp3
16-Bill Champlin - Gotta Get Back To Love.mp3
17-Bill Summers - Come Into My Life.mp3
18-Bill Summers And Summers Heat - All I Want.mp3
19-Billy Preston & Syreeta ‎– Watching The Hands Of Time.mp3
20-Black White And Co. - Another Try.mp3
21-BlackStreet - Don’t Leave Me (Instrumental).mp3
22-Blue Magic - Summer Snow.mp3
23-Bobbi Humphrey - Lover To Lover.mp3
24-Bobby Hart - Hurt So Bad.mp3


segunda-feira, 25 de maio de 2020

O Som Dos Bailes A Hora Das Melodias Vol 02

01-Art Webb - You Can't Hide Love.mp3
02-Ashford & Simpson - It's The Long Run.mp3
03-Atlantic Starr - My Love Is Real.mp3
04-Atlantic Starr - Stay.mp3
05-Attitudes - Change.mp3
06-Augie's Side Effect - S.O.S.mp3
07-August Heat - You And Me.mp3
08-Avatarr - So Glad I Found You.mp3
09-Average White Band - A Love Of Your Own(Live).mp3
10-Average White Band Feat. Chaka Khan - Let's Go All The Way.mp3
11-B.T. Express ‎– I Just Wanna Hold You (7 Version).mp3
12-B.T. Express - I Just Wanna Hold You.mp3
13-Bad News Band - Diamond Feather.mp3
14-Badwater Bridge - Don't Take Your Love Away.mp3
15-Bar Kays - Out Of My Mind (Passion).mp3
16-Barbara Mason - You Can Be With The One You Don't Love.mp3
17-Lillo Thomas - I Wanna Make Love.mp3
18- Avant & Tamia - My First Love.mp3
19-Banky W. - My Regret.mp3
20-Guy - Piece Of My Love.mp3

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domingo, 24 de maio de 2020

O Som Dos Bailes A Hora Das Melodias

01-Brothaz By Choice - Caravan of love.mp3
02-Absoulute - Never Wanna Let You Go.mp3
03-3 Piece - First Cum First Serve.mp3
04-Aleem feat. Leroy Burgess - Think.mp3
05-Alton 'Wokie' Stewart - Sexy Love.mp3
06 - What You Wanna Do.mp3 - 4.0.mp3
07-Blackgirl  - Where Did We Go Wrong.mp3
08-Ebony - Ain't Got No Feeelings.mp3-Ebony.mp3
09 -  Say It Again.mp3
10-Angelo Bond - I Never Sang For My Baby.mp3
11-André Lee - That Look In Your Eye.mp3
12- Something About The Way.mp3 - 911.mp3
13-Jam Leslie Holmies - We´ll Know Love.mp3
14-Apollo - Hungry Eyes.mp3
15-Aged In Harmony - Trust Me.mp3
16-Al Green - Not Tonight.mp3
17-Aleem Feat. Leroy Burgess - Stay.mp3
18-All About You - No Other Love.mp3
19-Alyson Williams - Not On The Outside.mp3
20-Andraé Crouch ‎– Don't Give Up.mp3
21-Alvin Frazier Feat. Cassandra - Something To Remember.mp3

Overdose Flash House Vol 03

01-Out Of The Ordinary - Play It Again.mp3
02-Petra & Co. - Just Let Go .mp3
03-Pop Will Eat It Self _ Def Con One.mp3
04-Rocco Granata - Marina.mp3
05-Rock To The Beat.mp3
06-Rosario e I Giaguari - Nel Blù Dipinto Di Blù.mp3
07-S-50 PROJEKT - Tutti Frutti (Vocal Version).mp3
08-Sabrina - Boys Boys Boys .mp3
09-Technotronic - Move This.mp3
10-Technotronic - Rockin' Over the Beat .mp3
11-The Maxx - Cocaine [1990].mp3
12-Tragic Error - Tanzen (1989).mp3
13-Todd Terry Unreleased Project Part 6 - Fly Away .mp3
14-Tragic Error - Tanzen [Original Version].mp3
15-Tribe 22 - Acid-New Beat.mp3
16-Twenty 4 Seven - I Can't Stand It .mp3
17-Westbam - Hold Me Back.mp3