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Flash Total balanços 03

 FLASH TOTAL O MELHOR DA BLACK MUSIC VOL 3 httpswww.flashbacktotal.com.br

01-Curiosity  - Aaron Hall
02- Jay-Z - Can I Get A
03- MC's Act Like They Don't Know (LP Version)-KRS One
04-Mtume - Juicy Fruit (Extended Version)
05-Nutin Ta Lose (Radio Edit)-Dred Scott
06-Rappin Duke & Friends - Buzzy Bragg
07-Reggae Dance (Extended)-DJ Kool
08-Regina The Teaser - D-Loc
09-Susie (Short Version)-Emanon
10-This Is Insanity (Vocal) - Triple X
11-Uzi Bros - There's A Riot Jumpin' Off (Remix)
12-Krs One -Step Into a World
13-DJ's Runnin' - Zulu War Chant
14-Ice-T- You Played Yourself
15-Dj Adilson - Kraze Mix
16-Mad Zoo- Bullet Beats
17-Mc Lyte - Have U Ever
18-George Benson - The Thinker
19-Daytime (Instrumental)
20-Sam The Beat - Get Gucci
21-Lean On Me - C.N.V

VA -Electric Breakdance httpswww.flashbacktotal.com.br - (1984)

 VA -Electric Breakdance httpswww.flashbacktotal.com.br -  (1984)

Flash Total balanços 02

 FLASH TOTAL O MELHOR DA BLACK MUSIC VOL 2 httpswww.flashbacktotal.com.br

VA - 1995 - Best Swing '95 (2CD)

 VA - 1995 - Best Swing '95 (2CD) - httpswww.flashbacktotal.com.br

VA - Krush Groove/

 VA - Krush Groovehttpswww.flashbacktotal.com.br

01-Chaka Khan (Krush Groove) Can’t Stop The Street 
02-LL Cool J I Can’t Live Without My Radio 
03-Kurtis Blow If I Ruled The World 
04-Fat Boys All You Can Eat 
05-Debbie Harry* Feel The Spin 
06-Sheila E. Holly Rock 
07-Beastie Boys She’s On It 
08-The Gap Band Love Triangle 
09-Force M.D.’s* Tender Love 
10-Fat Boys, Run-D.M.C.*, Sheila E. And Kurtis Blow Krush Groovin’ 

Positive K - I Got A Man/

 Positive K -  I Got A Manhttpswww.flashbacktotal.com.br(1992)

01 – I Got A Man (Hip Hop Mix)
02 – I Got A Man (Original Version)
03 – I Got A Man (New Radio Remix)
04 – Shakin’

Our House - Our House/

 Our House -  Our Househttpswww.flashbacktotal.com.br(1992)

01 – Our House (Radio)
02 – Our House (Instrumental)
03 – Our House (T-Ray’s Bonus Groove)
04 – Our House (Vocal)
05 – Our House (T-Ray’s String Apella)
06 – Our House (T-Ray’s Acapella)

Monie Love ‎– In A Word Or 2 Wheel Of Fortune 1993 /

 Monie Love ‎– In A Word Or 2  Wheel Of Fortune 1993 httpswww.flashbacktotal.com.br

Kool Keith - I Don't Believe You /

 Kool Keith -  I Don't Believe You httpswww.flashbacktotal.com.br (2000)

01- I Don’t Believe You (Album Version) (Vocal)
02- I Don’t Believe You (Album Version) (Instrumental)
03- I Don’t Believe You (Funky Redneck Remix)
04- I Don’t Believe You (Funky Redneck Remix) (Instrumental)

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (1988) Parents Just Don't Understand/

 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (1988) Parents Just Don't Understand httpswww.flashbacktotal.com.br  (1988)

01. Parents Just Don’t Understand (Extended Mix)
02. Parents Just Don’t Understand (Single Edit)
03. Parents Just Don’t Understand (Instrumental)
04. Live At Union Square November 1986