Super seleção de melodias black vol 01 (Flac - Flash Total)

Super seleção de melodias black vol 01 (Flac - Flash Total)

01-K-Ci & JoJo - All My Life (Flac - Flash Total)
02-Skip Mahoaney - Wherever You Go (Flac - Flash Total)
03-E. W. F - Devotion (Live) (Flac - Flash Total)
04-For 3 - Don't It Make You Feel Like Makin' Love (Flac - Flash Total)
05-2 Bigg MC - High On Your Love (Flac - Flash Total)
06-3 Piece - Your Body's Callin' (Flac - Flash Total)
07-3rd Storee - Dry Your Eyes (Flac - Flash Total)
08-Billy  Jones -  Ain't That Loving You (Flac - Flash Total)
09-4Mula1 - He Can't Luv You (Flac - Flash Total)
10-Sam Salter – thinking and trippin (Flac - Flash Total)
11-Brownstone - 5 Miles To Empty (Radio Edit) (Flac - Flash Total)
12-4 Kast - Any Weather (Flac - Flash Total)
13-Atlantic Starr - All in the Name of Love (Flac - Flash Total)
14-Michael Jackson - Ben (Single Version) (Flac - Flash Total)
15-Usher - A Mother's Luv (Flac - Flash Total)
16-All About You - No Other Love (Flac - Flash Total)
17-Andre Lee – Southern Soul Man (Flac - Flash Total)
18-Allure - Let Em Go (Flac - Flash Total)
19-Christopher Williams -  U Girl (Flac - Flash Total)
20-General Kane ‎– Can't Let Go (Flac - Flash Total)
21-George Keer - Don't Fight The Feeling (Flac - Flash Total)
22-726 - All I Really Wanted (Flac - Flash Total)
23-A.O.C. Sensitive (Flac - Flash Total)
24-Freak Me (Flac - Flash Total)
25- We´ve only just begun  (Flac - Flash Total)
26-Ashanti - Something Wrong (Flac - Flash Total)
27- The First Time  (Flac - Flash Total)
28-The Deele - Two Occasions (Flac - Flash Total)
29-Adriana Evans-sooner or later 12mix very good  melody (Flac - Flash Total)
30-Al Hudson & The Soul Partners - You And Me (Flac - Flash Total)
31-Al Green - Unchained Melody (Flac - Flash Total)


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