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terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2022

ROMANTIC LOVE MUSIC/Vol 03 (Collection Flash total)

 ROMANTIC LOVE MUSIC/Vol 03 Collection (Flash total)

01-4 Kast - Any Weather
02-4Mula1 - He Can't Luv You
03-4Shades - Crave
04-5am - This Time (Dark Mix)
05-Akiko - All Through The Night
06-Art N' Soul -  All my luv
07-Ashanti - Something's Wrong (Bump N' Grind) (Groove Remix)
08-Ashanti - Something's Wrong (Bump N' Grind) (Radio Mix)
09-Assorted Phlavors - Love Ballad
10-B.A.S.S. - Do A Lil Something
11-Bar Kays - Running In & Out Of My Life
12-Dru Hill - I Love You
13-Whitney Houston - Heartbreak Hotel
14-How Good Is Love - Fat Larry Band
15-Jimmy Horne - (They Long To Be) Close To You
16-Joe - All The Things
17-Lay YourLove On Me -freddie Jackson
18-Jodeci - Let's Do It All
19-Love Rap Ballad (Instrumental) - True Love
20-Mariah Carey - Fantasy
21-Now Or Never - Basic Black
22-Rebbie Jackson - This Love Is Forever
23-Percent - Take It Easy
24-Roy Ayres - Programmed For Love
25-Make Me Say - (Say It Again)
26-Michael Cooper - Shoop Shoop (Never Stop Givin' Yo)
27-Bill Withers - Something Turns You On
28-The Chi-Lites - Toby
29-The Gap Band - I Can't Get Over You
30-There Was A Time - Dee Robinson
31-Things Just An’t The Some – Deborah Cox
32-4.0 - What You Wanna Do
33-Whisper - My, My, My

ROMANTIC LOVE MUSIC/ Vol 02 Collection Flash total

 ROMANTIC LOVE MUSIC Vol 02 Collection Flash total

01-3 Piece - Picture Yo Body
02-Al Hudson & The Soul Partners - Lost Inside Of You
03-All Hudson - I Lost Inside Of You (Dj Cuca) Remix
04-Ana - Over And Over
05-Angeé - Toby (Instrumental)
06-Angee Griffin - Toby
07-Anquette ‎– I Will Always Be There For You
08-Anthony Hamilton - In the Mood
09-Anthony Hamilton - Spend Some Time
10-Aretha Franklin - Love Pang
11-Average White Band - A Love of Your Own
12-B T S  Featuring Jamiz - Next To You
13-B.C. - Sugar Daddy
14-B. A .S .S . - Shake You Down
15-The Isley Brothers - Let's lay together
16-Tracy Spurlin & George Kerr - If You Could Read My Mind
17-Babyface - Lovers
18-Bill Griffin - 2nd Day Love Story
19-Borwn Boy - Come Back To Me
20-Chris Jasper - The First Time
21-I Want To Know – Sweett Obsession
22-Love Is a Dangerous Game - Millie Jackson
23-Put Yourself In My Place - Kylie Minogue
24-Preluders - Caravan Of Love
25-Separate Ways- Mary Davis
26-Windjammer - I'll Always Love You
27-Twista - Girl Tonite ( Instrumental )
28-Usher ft Nu Beginning- Mothers Luv
29-Wanna Get Next To You - Freddie Jackson

segunda-feira, 25 de abril de 2022

ROMANTIC LOVE MUSIC Vol 01 Collection Flash total

ROMANTIC LOVE MUSIC Vol 01 Collection Flash total

01-R Kelly Feat Usher - Same Girl
02-Deniece Williams - Waiting
03-3-2 Da Lef - Wink Your Eye
04-4.0 - What You Wanna Do
05-4 Matt - Ol' Dayz
06-24 Karat - My Time Is Your Time 
07-A C  Kelly - Inside Your Love
08-Aaries ‎– Strangers To Lovers
09-Bernard Lilton ‎- Tell Me Where You Want It
10-Ber'ne Thomas - Welfare chek
11-Betty Wright ‎– Tonight Is The Night
12-Bigg Robb -  Float On (Feat  Archie, Larry & Omar)

ROMANTIC LOVE MUSIC Vol 01 Collection Flash total